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In recent years China has grown enormously in the field of sport horses.

At present, China is one of the fastest growing countries in the horse industry. In recent years the country has grown enormously in the field of sport horses. As well as large investors who set up large equestrian projects, or provinces which compete against each other at National level, there is also the average Chinese person, who is slowly beginning to show interest in equestrian sports. Due to the substantial difference in culture from Western countries, a deal with China is not quickly made.  

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Horses have to fulfill a quarantine period in Holland for 30 days, but also another 30 days quarantine in China. Besides the quarantine, horses can only be exported when they are born in Holland or 6 months resident. Horses not born in Holland need to have a residency paper with them, signed by the keeper of the horse. On this resident form is formulated where the horses were located 6 months prior to the start of quarantine. All horses need to fulfill 7 blood tests before they are allowed to start quarantine. During quarantine period 7 tests are repeated together with necessary vaccination and treatment against parasites.

Horses in quarantine for China are not allowed to leave the quarantine building. The horses are stabled in quarantine under official control from the Government Vet in Holland. Horse Service has the opportunity to give the horses free movement during quarantaine. The reason herefor is that a walker is build in the quarantine stable and they obtain an indoor riding area. The employees need to wear protection clothes while entering the quarantine facility.

Once the horses are ready to leave to the airport are they checked and certify by the government vet. Once the health certificate is issued are they approved to leave.

The flight

Since Covid-19, it is not possible to fly nonstop to China. The only option available is to fly from Liege with Qatar Airways with a stop in Doha. After a stop of max 2 hours, they continue their travel to mainland China.