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Horse Service imports horses from different countries such as America and Norway. After horses arrive at the airport, different papers such as customs documents and veterinary health checks need to be organized. There are different options about how horses can be imported, such as temporary but also permanent. It is also possible to take horses back into Europe, which is called a re-importation.

HSI takes care of the import of horses from around the world almost daily. We do that from stable to stable. Most of the horses land at Schiphol.

Horses get imported into Europe every day. Horse Service International takes care of the import from horses outside Europe (such as USA, Canada and Mexico) into Europe. Horse Service has a professional team at the office who takes care about the import of your horse.

Horse Service International

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1991 Since
19.576 Successful Transports
80 Own Stables
65 Export Countries

The process

The horses arrive at Schiphol with a health certificate that was issued by the authorities in the country of origin. This certificate is controlled by the NVWA. Then the customs technical input is done. HSI has its own customs license, which makes it possible to arrange all possible imports, such as final, temporary, re-importation and transits.

As an extra service, HSI can act as a Limited Fiscal Representative (BFV) for our EU-based customers (except for the Dutch) who have a VAT number. No VAT needs to be paid then. Instead the VAT accounting gets settled.

Import types

Next to a permanent import, is a temporary import also possible for horses that come for training/competitions and thus stay temporarily in the EU. This temporary importation is valid for 1 year and may be extended if so desired. A deposit is paid to customs for this temporary importation. When these horses leave the EU again, a correct re-export customs document should be drawn up. Based on this, the deposit will be credited.