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Pre-export Quarantaine

HSI takes the isolation period very seriously. The regulations and conditions are accurately complied with. In addition, the animals receive excellent care.

Virtually every country requires an isolation period before the horses are allowed to be transported, apart from America and a few other countries. During this isolation period, also called pre-export quarantine (PEQ), the horses are under veterinary supervision.

The isolation period

The isolation period starts after an inspection by the NVWA of the isolation space and the animals. The duration depends on the requirements of the exporting country. For example, the horses from China or South Africa must remain in solitary confinement for 30 days.

HSI has 44 stables available at our location in Meterik, including 15 new stables of 300 x 350 centimetres, including a luxury washing area and a solarium. These stables are not all in one area. HSI has divided the stables into compartments so that several countries can be put into isolation. Only authorised stable personnel have access to these areas. The quarantine department has a separate access to the riding arena, so you can continue to train your horse.

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Pre-export quarantine

HSI offers pre-export quarantine for several export destinations. The duration of pre-export quarantine depends on the requirements from the export destination. During pre-export quarantine, the main focus is to give the horses a confidence lay over.

HSI offers different buildings with quarantine posibilites, the new facility contains an indoor walker, riding area and washing places wherethrough enough movement during quarantine can be provided.

Our stable personnel are carefully selected based on experience and proper handling of horses. Their job is to take good care of the horses and to maintain their physical condition. Before leaving, the horses are neatly washed and groomed, ready for the big trip.

Any examples of duration of pre-export quarantine:

  • China – 31 days
  • Canada – 7 days
  • Thailand – 2 weeks


HSI provides external pre-export quarantine stables that are recognised by the NVWA for, for example, large groups of horses that go together on a charter flight to countries like China, Cuba and Argentina. The horses are made ready for export there under the supervision of HSI and in cooperation with the external stable and the NVWA.

The NVWA has several tasks during the pre-export quarantine:

  1. Inspection of the pre – export quarantine stables if they meet the criteria from country of destination
  2. Inspection of horses and approve the start of quarantine
  3. Control of horses during quarantine
  4. Export certification when pre-export quarantine is ended

Optimal temperatures and ventilation for quarantine horses

Depending on the rules for transport in a country, the horses must be quarantined for a certain period. During the quarantine period, the doors are not allowed to open to ventilate, which means that temperatures regularly rise quickly. In order to create a pleasant climate for the horses during the quarantine period, we were looking for a good and environmentally friendly solution.

Natural cooling with 90% energy savings

We found the solution at the company Oxycom from Raalte. Oxycom is a manufacturer of adiabatic cooling systems, the advantage of this principle is that no synthetic refrigerants are used, but water. This is of course better for the environment, but it is also much more energy efficient. In addition, 100% fresh and filtered outdoor air is used, which removes particulate matter, ammonia odors, viruses and aerosols from the room. Oxycom has installed an IntrCooll unit for each stable, so that the horses have a pleasant climate to stay in during the warmer periods.

For more information about the applied cooling system, please refer to