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Our expert employees can completely unburden you with the transport of your horse. We import and export your horse worldwide to and from any destination in America, Europe and China.

We help people, organizations and horse breeders with the worldwide air transport of horses.

International horse transport

The process
The horses arrive at Schiphol with a health certificate that was issued by the authorities in the country of origin. This certificate is controlled by the NVWA. Then the customs technical input is done. HSI has its own customs license, which makes it possible for us to arrange all possible imports, such as final, temporary, re-importation and transits. HSI also has a current account at customs. We can therefore arrange the financial business quickly.

As an extra service, HSI can act as a Limited Fiscal Representative (BFV) for our EU-based customers (except for the Dutch) who have a VAT number. No VAT needs to be paid then. Instead the VAT accounting gets settled. A lot less work for you as a client.

1991 Since
19.576 Successful Transports
80 Own Stables
65 Export Countries

Veterinary clinic Horst

Veterinary clinicHorst has been the fixed clinic for medical care during the quarantine period for over 25 years. DAP Horst ensures that the required blood tests are taken and the necessary vaccinations done. The regular veterinarians Maarten van Dijk and Fleur Kloppenberg also conduct clinical inspections for the transport insurance.