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Hazenkampweg 8a
5964 PE Meterik
+31(0)77 398 4545

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Horse Service International provides specialised transports for horses to and from any national, international and intercontinental destination. The horses fly under the guidance of professional and experienced groom(s).

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+31(0)77 398 4545


The story of HSI started in 1986. Lau van Nieuwenborg, formerly employed by Gerlach Expedition, saw that there was a great need for arranging transport for horses and started a special project. He saw the opportunity to take over this project in 1991 and to start HSI. The company was established at the Hazenkampweg in Meterik. HSI has an office building, an indoor riding school, an outdoor riding school, a paddock, a treadmill, meadows and pre-export quarantine stables approved by the NVWA.

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