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Shipments to different countries every week.

Export with door to door service

Shipments to several countries every week

Export is the engine of HSI that keeps the motor running. There is an export from Schiphol almost every day, or via another European airport. Unlike normal cargo, a horse must be treated with extreme care and knowledge. The staff of HSI understands this like no other. The welfare of your animal comes first in everything that we do.

1991 Since
19.576 Successful Transports
80 Own Stables
65 Export Countries

KLM & Martinair

KLM is the only airline operating flights with a Boeing 747-combi. The advantage is that passengers can take their horses along as cargo in the same aircraft. There can be a maximum of seven stables on-board, in other words 20 horses (there may be only 2 horses in the last position because of the weight). All combi-flights are direct flights without any stopovers. This is the most ideal for horses, because the takeoff and landing are the most stressful times of the flight.

A second airline that HSI works with weekly, which is also a subsidiary of KLM, is Martinair Cargo. This company has years of experience in the field of horse transport and has strong routes to South America and the Middle East. Martinair flies horses for us to Miami.

Other Airlines

Another player in the market is Lufthansa. Lufthansa has grown strongly in recent years and offers an extensive network to, amongst others, China, India and Thailand.

Cargolux Airlines flies from Luxembourg to, amongst others, Calgary and Damascus.

CAL Airlines flies from Liege to New York.


Attendants travel along on every flight: they are called grooms. Grooms take care of the horses during the trip to place of destination. The horses get fed, checked and supervised during the whole trip. At least, they have the knowledge and experience to get the horses in a satisfactory condition at the place of destination.

Road transport within Europe

HSI works closely with transporters that specialise in the road transport of horses. These transporters gather horses throughout Europe on a daily basis in order to be at the airports on time for transport abroad. HSI organises this transportation and takes care of the necessary documents.

Horses must always travel with a health certificate. This certificate can be applied for at the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority). And horses travelling to Norway or Switzerland need a customs export document.

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