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A complete new facility

Horse Service International has 44 stables behind the office inclusive an indoor riding area, 3 washing places and a solarium. There is build a complete new facility across the office in 2019. This new facility contains 36 stables, indoor walker and an indoor riding arena. In total the whole facility of Horse Service contain: 3 walkers, 80 stables, 2 indoor arena’s and fields.

It will be possible to start 9 different quarantines for different countries at the same time since all these stables are divided in different blocks.

New technologies

The new quarantine building exist over a few new technologies to work more efficient and to improve sustainability. One of the biggest new technologies is a mucking out system, which includes a tube which is powered by air. It’s slurping the manure which is thrown on the hole of the tube. As followed, this manure be stored in a huge container which is emptied by a transport company. The manure will be delivered at a dairy farm to use manure with shaving as bedding for cows which results in cow manure to be destroyed over land at the end.

One more new technology which the new building contains is a system which provides a lot of fresh air for the horses and avoids insects to fly into the building since the windows and doors have to be closed in the quarantine stables for specific countries. Furthermore this system can decrease temperature back for 10 degrees, so if it is 30 degrees outside will this system be able to decrease temperature inside to 20 degrees.

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