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Sale horses and competition horses through the whole year

America remains by far the most important country for both import and export.

A flight departs or arrives from the USA almost daily. This is because horses have been exported to America since the 70s.

Horse Service International

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Horses fly to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago. Most of exported horses are sold or fly over to compete at shows in USA during winter season in Europe. It is interesting for riders to fly over to America, due to the winter season in Europe and the high price-money at shows in the USA. Competitions in Wellington take place over the duration of 4 months. And a small amount of horses getting exported to USA for training the horses or immigration horses.

After arriving in the US horses need to pass 3 days of quarantine at the airport. During this period horses are tested for the following diseases:
Piroplasmosis C Elisa & CFT test
Infectious Anemia

All horses are pre-tested in Europe to make sure horses pass the tests in America. This way, the risk of horses getting tested positive in quarantine decreases. Positively tested
horses need to return to Europe. Geldings are released from quarantine 3 days after arrival. Mares and stallions over 2 years need to go into an additional CEM (Contagious Equine Metritis) quarantine. Mares must stay for 14 days and stallions for 30 days before the final release out of quarantine. Besides blood tests, the horses must travel with the correct health certificates. In the certificates, requirements to enter the country of destination are written down. Each country in the world has its specific import requirements. HSI has knowledge and expertise in all these different requirements. Health certificates are always issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of the exporting country. In Holland it is named as NVWA (Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteit).